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Southeast Partners
Southeast Turf Partners, Inc. (SEP) is excited to become an integral part of your turf grass maintenance program. We offer a full range of superior fertilizers, seed, and chemical products to provide your facility with the best opportunity to perform at its maximum potential.

SEP has aligned itself with the best possible products and experienced sales consultants in the marketplace today. SEP includes BTCS, G to Z Turf Services, Inc. and Chemical Solutions of South Florida as members of our family. The combined turf grass experience of these consultants exceeds 200 years. SEP began operating as a representative for manufacturers who carry various nutrient and plant protection products. Over the years we have been instrumental in the development of micronutrients used in turf grass care, and have changed and developed into a leading company that formulates, packages and represents other manufacturer’s products as well as our own product line.

Concentrating mainly in the Southeastern United States, we continue to function as a wholesale distributor of turf grass products and accessories to the golf course industry, while bringing new technologies and products to the ever-changing marketplace. SEP hopes you will consider us, and our family, as partners in your efforts to provide superior quality turf products at your facility. We look forward to a close relationship based on trust and expertise.

Quali-Pro is firmly committed to being the premier manufacturer and supplier of post-patent chemicals for the turf and ornamental markets in the U.S. Backed by the strength of Makhteshim-Agan Industries, our focus is on quality, value, performance and most of all the continued success of our customers. We are proud to support and actively participate in our professional affiliations, which include: RISE, PLANET, PAPA, GCSAA, CAPCA, ITODA and various local and state associations.

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For quotes please contact SEP at 239.267.0156 or email jackie@southeastpartners.net